Friday, November 26, 2004

The Plan

Tuesday night, I talked a little about Jennifer. I don't want to seem obsessive in posting twice about this in the same week. I just want this to be a brief follow-up to that post. I like to record these sorts of things for posterity.

She wasn't in class on Wednesday, but I realized later that she had called me before class. I actually did get to talk to her later. She suggested that we get together and study for our upcoming "Poets of the Victorian Era" test. As you may recall, I was going to ask her to do that, but she mentioned it before I did.

So I gathered my crack team of romantic strategists (well, it was only one person) and we talked about my next move. I'm waiting to see the dynamic of this study group. I'm hoping it's a group of two, but have thought of a backup plan in case more people show up. The centerpiece of this plan is to study for a while and then initiate a "study break" where I try to feel her up (not literally). Hopefully, at that point I can be honest about my feelings and once and for all learn where we stand.

The plan is more detailed but I didn't feel like going through it all. I'm expecting she'll call me sometime this weekend. As details develop, I'll elaborate further. Today's post wasn't one of the emotional/dramatic ones that I tend to put out from time to time. This was just something that I should have posted about a few days ago but never found time.



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