Thursday, November 25, 2004

My Thanksgiving

Today, my Mom and I went down and spent Thanksgiving with our family in Boynton Beach.

The ten of us, including my grandmother, two cousins, three aunts, and two uncles went to the Prime Catch restaurant on Woolbright Rd. The turkey dinner was decent, but not great. I was hoping to get a steak, but was disappointed to learn they didn't have a baked potato to accompany it. Instead, I decided to get the turkey, as almost everyone else did.

Afterwards, we went back and conversed further at my family's house. We commisserated over the electoral failure of John Kerry and the Democrats. Aside from one of my aunts, this whole side of my family is liberal.

I started getting tired around 7:30 and we left shortly after 8:00.

Overall, I had a good time, as I do at most family functions.



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