Sunday, November 21, 2004

Thanksgiving coming soon

I look forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. On Thursday, we’re going to come fancy restaurant by the water on Woolbright. I forget the name off hand.

The whole family will be gathering to enjoy what likely will be a turkey dinner. Afterwards, I think we’ll go to my cousin’s house in Boynton to converse further.

The football is mediocre this year. Detroit vs. Indianapolis could be a good game. Regardless of their record, the Lions always play well on Thanksgiving. Dallas vs. Chicago should be a snoozer. Not much reason to make any effort to see that one.

The good thing is that I miss my busiest day of classes, Thursday. I’ll have to get working on my research paper, which is due next Tuesday. I want to be able to enjoy my time off on Thursday and into the weekend.

After this weekend, the semester is pretty much over. An exam and a final reporting project and I’ll be done for Fall Semester 2004.



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