Wednesday, November 17, 2004

NFL: Week 11 Picks

I' m posting early this week. I reserve the prerogative to change my picks up until gametime.

This week is the opposite of last week. There were a ton of really difficult games to pick in Week 10. This week, about ten of the selections were no-brainers. Hopefully there aren’t too many big upsets.

This week marks the first time since Week 2 that all 32 teams will be in action. There are 16 games to choose from, up from the usual 14.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings… Minnesota
Minnesota has lost some games recently, but they’ve been against Indianapolis and Green Bay, both good football teams. Daunte Culpepper has enough, even without Randy Moss, to eviscerate a porous Lions secondary.

Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints… Denver
Denver does not resemble the team that many picked to do well this season. However, they remain well in playoff contention at 6-3. Denver understands the importance of this game and will prepare accordingly.

San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers… Tampa Bay
The 49ers are 0-4 on the road this season. Tampa’s nothing special, but Griese has played decent at the QB position. Frankly, I’m upset about SF blowing last week’s home game against the Panthers. While a SF win would be best for the Dolphins, I can’t see them delivering 3000 miles from home.

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers… Arizona
Picking the Cardinals on the road is never an easy thing to do. Prior to their win in Miami, they had lost 16 straight home games. On the bright side for the Cards, Carolina is 0-4 this year at Ericcson Stadium. I take Arizona on the basis that they are playing for a playoff spot. They are only one game out of being tied for the Wild Card. Somehow, coach Dennis Green has taken this young group of players and molded them into a respectable unit.

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars… Jacksonville
Interestingly enough, Tennessee has been a .500 team on the road this season. It’s their 1-4 record at home that’s lead to their being in last place in the AFC South. Jacksonville still concerns me without Leftwich, but they can rely on Fred Taylor to put enough points on the board.

Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens… Baltimore
Baltimore survived a scare last week versus the Jets. This week, look for a Ravens team that takes early control of this football game. Without much of a running game, Baltimore can prepare exclusively to attack Vinny Testaverde. We’ll see the aging QB throw his typical couple of interceptions on the way to a loss.

St. Louis Rams at Buffalo Bills… St. Louis
Last week’s win against Seattle was certainly impressive. But now, St. Louis faces a trap game in Buffalo. This Rams team is suited better to play in their home confines of St. Louis. If the weather is cold in Buffalo, we could see another slip-up, like their loss in Week 7 to Miami. But for now, I’ll take the Rams to defeat their clearly inferior Bills opponent.

Indianapolis Colts at Chicago Bears… Indianapolis
For three weeks in a row, I have chosen against Chicago and lost. But these wins have been against the mediocre teams of San Francisco, New York Giants, and Tennessee. With 31 TD passes, Manning is on pace to break Dan Marino’s 1984 record of 48. With that sort of focus, I doubt Chicago can do much to break the Colts’ momentum.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals… Pittsburgh
These Steelers show no signs of slowing down.

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns… Jets
This is gut check time for New York. Very poor coaching led to last week’s loss versus Baltimore. If they can recover from that loss, they should be able to defeat the 3-6 Browns. But if there’s a lingering hangover, the Browns could surprise people. The Jets understand that a loss would be the end of their divisional chances. I think Herm Edwards gets his team ready and bounces back strong.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders… San Diego
Both teams have the benefit of a bye week. Oakland really seems to have fallen apart as a football team. San Diego controls their own destiny in the AFC West. Don’t look for a slip-up here.

Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks… Seattle
Unless they show me something soon, don’t expect me to pick the Dolphins to win a game again this season.

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants… Atlanta
The Eli Manning era begins against a surging Falcons team. Tom Coughlin must be looking for a success story similar to that of Pittsburgh rookie QB Ben Roethlisberger. The Giants lost me when the lowly Cardinals defeated them. The Falcons never make it easy, but they’re my selection nonetheless.

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles… Philadelphia
The Eagles haven’t given me reason to doubt them yet.

Green Bay Packers at Houston Texans… Green Bay
Green Bay has really turned this season around. While Houston presents some challenges for the Green Bay defense, it seems like the Packers are a difficult team to stop.

New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs… New England
Although Kansas City can be a dangerous team, the Patriots never seem to take anybody too lightly.


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