Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Faux outrage

I turned into Monday night's game between Dallas and Philadelphia few minutes late, so I missed the much talked about opening scene. Apparently, ABC was doing a cross-promotion with their hit Sunday night drama "Desperate Housewives". I'm told that actress Nicolette Sheridan was shown going into the Eagles locker room, dropping her towel, and jumping into the arms of Philadelphia WR Terrell Owens. For the record, no nudity or sexual conduct was shown.

Predictably, ABC apologized yesterday. Michael Powell (Asshole) quipped, "I wonder if Walt Disney would be proud?" I have to wonder if Michael Powell is proud of what he's become, but that's another topic. The FCC is deciding whether or not to fine ABC the maximum of $32,500 for indecency.

I have to ask a simple question. What is the big deal? Maybe it's just the social liberal in me saying this. I heard Eric Allen on ESPN News yesterday lamenting the fact that children might have seen this introduction. I cannot understand why sexuality is considered such a bad thing in this country. Kids can watch men beating the shit out of one another for three hours, but this brief episode between T.O. and Sheridan is considered so wrong.

I have a couple of ideas. One, I think there is an underlying element of race baiting. It scares people that an attractive white woman like Nicollette Sheridan could be attracted to a rich, black athlete like T.O., even if it was indeed purely fictional. For years, whitey was afraid of the black man even touching a white woman.

I also think that some folk consider premarital sexual feelings to be inherently evil. How could it be that two young, attractive celebrities could even think about such impure actions?

We're not talking about a Janet Jackson like incident. I didn't think the JJ incident was that bad, but many people did. I fail to see how that brief exposure of her bosom precipiated such an overresponse. I get the sense that parents are so uncomfortable talking about sexuality. Therefore, they are petrified of anything that might make kids ask questions. They want their kids receiving sex-ed from the abstinence only type of educators that have slowly permeated our public school system.

Fire back, everybody! Any social conservatives out there? Explain why this MNF incident deserves anywhere near the attention it has received in news media the past two days.

This FCC crap has had a chilling effect in more ways than could be discussed in this post. I fear for the future of media when they are so concerned with what this body may or may not impose on them (google "Saving Private Ryan FCC").

For someone who is considering a career in journalism, I see significant reason for concern.



Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

Yeah this is an outrage isn't it? I saw Howard Stern on Letterman last night and he was also concerned with the chilling effect. Although to be fair I think he was mostly trying to sell Sirrus Radios.

November 19, 2004 at 12:36 PM  

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