Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another flat tire

For the second time in a matter of months, my Mitsubishi got a flat tire on Saturday night. The first time, back in September, I could attribute it to road debris caused by the hurricane.

I got this flat riding up A1A in Jupiter. All of a sudden, my left tire went flat. The car shook uncontrollably and I could smell where the left side was smoking. Luckily, I made it into the grass.

This real creepy guy came up and tried to help. His name was Eric, and he'd just been released from Jupiter Medical Center. He looked to be borderline retarded. He kept talking about Jesus. In fact, he was wearing a "Jesus" baseball cap. Fortunately, I no longer have Kerry/Edwards stickers on my car. He would have likely been upset and might have snapped on me.

I called Gary. He was at the nearby Moose Lodge, so he came over quickly. The police arrived a few minutes later. Gary got real pissed off at Eric and ordered the police to have him removed from the scene. The guy was trying to help, but ended up getting in the way. He really was a loose cannon and I was worried about what would happen if Gary and the police weren't there.

It didn't take Gary long to fix the tire. We drove it up to Tires Plus and had it fixed the next morning.

I'm a little worried about the car. It doesn't always run smoothly. It's at 103,000 miles now. I'm hoping it lasts past 150,000. It might just be that I'm used to driving better cars and the Mirage isn't on par with the Hyundai or even the Honda Civic. We shall see.



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