Friday, November 12, 2004

NFL: Week 10 Picks

I picked 13/14 favorites this week, only deviating with my selection of Detroit over JAX.

This week's new feature is "Games to Watch". I will embolden a couple of games that I think are particularly interesting. This week's picks were Seattle/St. Louis and Minnesota/Green Bay.

Kansas City at New Orleans... Kansas City
Never get too confident in the Chiefs. From week to week, this team is hard to predict. With Priest Holmes doubtful, this game shows the signs of an upset. Luckily for Kansas City, the Saints are falling apart at the seams and can't stop anybody on defense. Kansas City in a high scoring affair.

Baltimore at New York Jets... Baltimore
All Baltimore has to do is find a way to stop Curtis Martin. It's hard to imagine a scenario where Quincy Carter does much in the absence of injured QB Chad Pennington. Look for Jamal Lewis, not Martin, to have the big day.

Detroit at Jacksonville... Jacksonville
Somehow, the Jags find a way to win with two weeks rest. But David Gerrard won't lead this team too far. Leftwich must be ready by playoff time.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta... Atlanta
Not an easy pick. But the Falcons have had two weeks to prepare for this game. Can Atlanta summon the urgency, considering their main competitors in the NFC South are Tampa Bay and New Orleans? Still, I hesitantly go with the favored Falcons.

Pittsburgh at Cleveland... Pittsburgh
Trap game for the Steelers. Unfortunately, the Browns can't stop Staley or Bettis. Look for the Steelers to impress.

Seattle at St. Louis... Seattle
Shaun Alexander runs circles around this porous Rams defense. The Seahawks get revenge for their Week 5 collapse in Seattle.

Chicago at Tennessee... Tennessee
I've been burned twice in recent weeks by the Bears. It's hard for me to see them winning three straight.

Houston at Indianapolis... Indianapolis
The Colts are never a safe pick. Almost anybody, including David Carr, can throw for big yards against this abysmal secondary. Still, Manning is having an MVP season and will throw as many TD's as his team needs to win.

Cincinnati at Washington... Washington
I like the #1 ranked defense of the Redskins in a game that's pretty meaningless. Washington can be motivated by the fact that besides Atlanta and Philadelphia, there are no sure playoff teams in the NFC. A win here elevates them to a respectable 4-5.

Minnesota at Green Bay... Green Bay
This is reminding me a lot of last season, when the Vikings started 6-0 but missed the playoffs at 9-7. It looks like Green Bay is back and ready to tie the Vikings for the NFC North lead.

New York Giants at Arizona... Giants
Seeing the Cardinals win two straight games should be enough for the Giants to get motivated. They won't overlook the Cardinals and allow their season to be destroyed. But if Kurt Warner starts to turn the ball over like he did last week, they should bring in the rookie Eli Manning.

Carolina at San Francisco... San Francisco
Edited- 4:05. I originally wrote that Stephen Davis would lead Carolina to victory. Recently, I learned that Davis is out for the year. Hence, I'll change my pick to the 49ers.

Buffalo at New England... New England
The sentimental pick is Drew Bledsoe leading his revitalized team to victory over his former teammates. Logic dictates that New England will not lose to a 3-win team at home.

Philadelphia at Dallas... Philadelphia
Parcells should have his 'Boys up for this Monday night showcase. But it doesn't cure the team's defensive ails and overreliance on the aging Vinny Testaverde. Philadelphia gets back to its winning ways.


Blogger Eric Cioffoletti said...

I can't argue with any of these picks. Looks like you did some research which is more than I can really say.

The Minnesota/Green Bay game really did turn out to be a great game. Those poor Vikings almost came back to win.

November 15, 2004 at 12:12 AM  

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