Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday update

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days.

This weekend won't be as enjoyable as the preceding ones. Here is a basic overview of what's left for my semester:

News and News Reporting Final Project - I got really behind and I'm trying to catch up. Lacking a better event to cover, I'm going down to the Meyer Amphitheatre tomorrow morning to cover the "AIDS Walk". I'm not happy about getting up at a 7:00 on a Saturday morning, but I have no choice. It's the only decent event that I can cover. It's too late to get sources for other stories. Due: Tuesday (11/7)

Mass Communication Theory Final Exam - This is managable. I have eight chapters to study. I figure I'll do three a day up until the final on Tuesday.

English Literature After 1800 - I have to read "The Dumb Waiter" by George Bernard Shaw and write a four page paper. Of all the work, this one worries me the least. Due: Wednesday (11/8)

I guess it could be worse. I'm all done with my Political Science work. After this, I'm off for a solid month, not to return to school until January 10. There should be plenty of good times to be had over the holidays.



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