Wednesday, December 08, 2004

2004 Fall Semester has reached its end

As of noon tomorrow, the endeavor of Fall Semester will have officially reached its culmination. Today I took my Mass Comm Theory final and handed in my final News Writing project. Tomorrow is the day to hand in my last English Literature paper. After that, I'm done until January 10.

I'm happy about how this semester went. I think I'll get an even mixture of A's and B's. I was very happy to learn that I'd earned a 96 % on my Comm Theory term paper. It's good considering I only spent a few hours working on it. If I did really well on today's test, it might be good enough to get me an A.

I'm fairly certain that I got a B in my News Writing course. All of my grades in the class fell around 88-90 percent. If I'm lucky, that'll come to a B +. The way it works at FAU, as well as other universities, is that letter grades are assigned with the option for a + or -. Frankly, it's sort of annoying.

I know I'll get an A in my Lit class. Professor Peck likes me, so if I'm anywhere near close, he'll bump me to an A. I'm doing some final touches on a paper due tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, online poker has stunted my progress this evening. "The Dumb Waiter" is the drama piece that I have to work on. Really, a B should suffice in earning me that coveted A.

I'll also get an A in my Poly Sci class.

Today (or yesterday, as it may be), I had to give a presentation in my News Writing class. I started stammering and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I have a difficult time giving speeches and the sort. It may have helped had I actually prepared my delivery beforehand. Nevertheless, I got the job done. The speech isn't a big part of the paper grade.

Next semester will be a bit tougher. Fortunately, I have the same teacher that I had for all of this term's journalism couses. Without putting in a lot of effort, I got fairly good grades. If I really commit myself, I have no doubt I can get more A's.

Fall 2004 is a semester that may or may not require a more detailed post. The academic year was disrupted by the two hurricanes that came through Palm Beach County. On a more personal note, I set out this semester to be more outgoing and talkative in class. I feel I made strides and have grown as a person since my Freshman year. I feel fortunate to have come across a number of very nice people, some of which I'll remain in contact with after the semester has terminated.

Funny story to end with for today. As our News Writing class was nearing its close, this rather good looking girl came over and wanted to talk with me. I assumed it was something about the presentation I gave, which was on Ralph Nader's visit to Florida. To my surprise, the girl is actually a member of the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad. She noticed that I was always wearing my Dolphins jerseys and hats. So she had the cheerleading unit sign a picture and personalize it for me. It's sort of a little thing, but it was a nice gesture. She was appreciative that people are still showing support for the spiraling franchise.


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