Sunday, January 16, 2005

Lord Zach Wins Again

Friday night, some of my friends and I engaged in a friendly game of no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. I wanted to go to Orlando to check out the Tivoli apartment complex, but they didn’t let us in. Anyway, I always jump at the chance to play poker.

Originally, we were supposed to have six contestants. The usual four players consist of Eric, Sean, Zach, and myself. Midway through the afternoon, we received two additional commitments. One was from a guy named Dave who lives in the Gatherings. I’m sort of glad he pulled out, though. Overall, he seemed like a nice guy but may be into illicit drugs. He was friendly enough to help us secure a bottle of Jim Beam, Kentucky Bourbon. In addition, this girl named Colby was supposed to join us. Unfortunately, Zach got into a minor dispute with his girlfriend and got delayed. By the time everyone got together, it was 12:50 and we had only four players.

For a while, it looked like Zach would be the one leaving early. I called one of his big bluffs and took a big portion of his blacks. Winning an all-in against Sean saved him. I don’t remember the exact cards, but Zach essentially ended Sean’s night. I did pretty good for myself. I had a little too much Jim Beam, though. I don’t think it really hurt my game. I kind of exaggerated the level of my intoxication. I will say that were I more sober, I would have played my last hand better. I lost on a JQ to A8. I had enough chips that a simple race would have sufficed. I didn’t need to wager all my chips.

I believe it was Eric who chimed in following Zach’s victory, saying, “Lord Zach wins again”. Everyone at the table started laughing. While Zach is a fine player, he is far from royalty.

The Jim was the highlight of this evening. I’ve found that Mr. Beam goes down much easier than Jack. I hate to say it, but I’m beginning to prefer Jim to Jack. Jim is cheaper in addition to being smoother.

I was glad to see everything return to their proper place. In our games in Orlando, Zach usually wins and I take second. Sean and Eric battle it out for 3rd and 4th. Eric ended up taking 3rd this time and nearly beat Zach, were it not for an ill-timed full house.

Anytime I get together and play poker for more than a few hours, I consider the endeavor a success.


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