Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nikko's Failing Health

Many of you have had the not so pleasant experience of meeting my dog Nikko. As my friends and family are well aware, she was not always the nicest dog and took every available opportunity to try and bite.

Unfortunately, her health has taken a turn for the worse in the last few days. It started on New Year's when we fed her some table scraps. For the next couple of days, she kept throwing up. I thought she was getting better. But on Saturday, she laid down in the kitchen. Since that day, she has not been able to move. Despite her best efforts, Nikko can't summon the ability to leave that spot.

My Mom tried to move her yesterday, which yielded catastrophic results. Nikko was in tremendous pain, and in the midst of her agony, violently bit my Mom. It's not the type of bite that she so often perpetrated on my friends. This was a bite with bad intentions. My Mom's hand got infected and she had to go to the emergency room. It wasn't malicious. The severity of the bite came out of the intense pain that Nikko must have felt.

So tomorrow might be the end of the line for Nikko. She has a vet's appointment at 9:30. If the veternarian can't give us hope for her future, she may be put to sleep.

Tonight was a sad night at our house. Gary, Tim, and Loren came over to say what might be a final goodbye. We gave Nikko her favorite food, sherbert, as a last meal of sorts. The sight tonight was not one that I will soon forget. It was emotional watching Gary lie down next to Nikko on the kitchen floor and play with her one last time. My Mom pulled the couch over tonight and is sleeping next to her. She wants Nikko's last night to be spent with the person she loved the most. I'll go out there before I go to bed tonight and spend one last moment with her. While she and I were never that tight, I feel a sense of impending loss. That's only natural when anybody has been a part of the family as long as she has been.

I hope that the vet has some news that might prolong her life a little while longer, but I realize that is a slim possibility. Everyone in our family has prepared ourselves for what might be a day of saddening loss tomorrow.



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