Friday, January 07, 2005

USC Wins the National Championship

Tuesday night, I went over to Eric's house anticipating a historic football game between two top ranked NCAA football teams. The result turned out to be a 55-19 demolition. The game was pretty much over midway through the 2nd Quarter.

It looked for a while like Oklahoma would make it a close game. They scored the game's first points on a five-yard Jason White TD pass to Travis Wilson. However, the game turned on a Mark Bradley fumble on a punt return deep in Oklahoma territory. LenDale White ran for a USC touchdown and gave USC the 14-7 lead. The rest of the game can be summed up in a couple of stats. USC QB Matt Leinart set an Orange Bowl record with 5 TD passes. Leinart did not throw an INT in the game. The offensive tandem of White, Reggie Bush, and Steve Smith took over the game. By halftime, the score was 38-10. Had USC tried, they may have been able to score 70 points. I stopped watching during the 3rd Quarter, but I assume USC took it easy on the beaten Sooners.

I was very impressed with what I saw from the Trojans. I had not seen any of their football games this season. Pete Carroll has done an amazing job over the last two seasons, splitting the title last year and winning it outright this year. In his four years at the school, he's only lost 9 games. I see no reason why USC won't be the #1 team coming into next season, especially if Leinart returns for his senior season. On the other hand, Oklahoma was a big disappointment. For being a Heisman trophy winner, Oklahoma QB Jason White has failed miserably in big games. He struggled in last year's Sugar Bowl vs. LSU and made some inexplicable misques against USC. I think Auburn may have played slightly better defense than Oklahoma, but I doubt any university could have beaten USC on Tuesday night. In fact, I'd wager to bet that many weaker NFL teams would have lost to USC. No wonder the 49ers made an effort to get Carroll to coach their franchise.

The night was made a success by the presence of many forms of alcoholic beverages. The night prior, we made arrangements to purchase Jim Beam Bourbon and Johnnie Walker Scotch. In addition, we had the regular Jack Daniel's. I also tasted some Maker's Mark Bourbon, Booker's Bourbon, Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, a gin whose name I cannot remember, and some rum. The Jim Beam gives JD a run for his money. For the price (a 1.75 L goes for as cheap as $20), Jim will be a sure addition to our reportoire of drinks. Johnnie Walker scotch was good as well, but not worth the price. It cost $24 for a .75 L bottle. If I had to choose the premiere bourbon/whiskey, I'd go with Maker's Mark or Booker's. Maker's Mark is moderately affordable, while Booker's should be reserved for only the most special of moments. I'd like to try a few other products, most notably George Dickel, Old Grandad, and Tom Sims.

Overall, Tuesday was a fairly enjoyable evening. I plan to retire my collection of Jim Beam, Jack Daniel's, and Johnnie Walker for a couple of weeks. Maybe they're will be a poker night when I can unveil them for additional consumption.

Congratulations to the USC Trojans for proving themselves to be the premire team in college football this season.


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