Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Feature: A Healthy Me for 2005

I talked about this briefly in my 2004 in Review post. I'll be using this LJ as a way of keeping me honest.

Over the last year, I've put on some pounds after losing a lot in 2003. A number of factors has lead to this disturbing revelation. I'll keep the actual number private for a little while, but I've recorded my current weight at midnight (Jan. 2). I'll simply refer to my current weight as zero and indicate gain or loss with a + or -.

It's been a personal disappoinment allowing my weight to fluctuate. It's a product of accepting a little gain at a time and then waking up one day and seeing an unacceptable total on the scale. One big mistake was allowing myself to get back to drinking regular soda. Those calories are such a tragedy, considering they're empty and wasted. I plan to limit intake to a maximum of one 12-ounce can a day. In addition, I plan to go back to drinking 6-8 cups of water per day. I've found that water goes a long way towards facilitating weight loss.

Exercise will be included in my program as well. Weight loss isn't only important for weight loss. Without proper exercise, you risk many health problems later in life. My preliminary plan is four miles of bike riding a day. Without access to a free gym, I have to find cost effective ways of staying healthy.

I'm taking this endeavor in stages. Stage 1 is the first couple of weeks. Typically, one loses weight fairly quickly. Five pounds per week isn't uncommon. I've been told that a lot of that loss is due to water. As you lose that initial excess fat, it takes more resolve to shed additional pounds. I think 2 pounds per week would be acceptable after a month. If all goes according to plan, I hope to be down to 190 or 195 pounds by summer.

There is the desire to check you weight on a daily or bi-daily basis, but I've found it more effective to weight yourself only once or twice a week. That keeps you from getting either overly enthuiastic or unnecessarily worried. As long as the dieter is adhering to proper diet and exercise standards, the weight will come off just fine.

Update #1 (January 2, 2004)- 0 (0 is what I will call my starting weight. I'd prefer to keep the actual figure confidential for now)


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