Monday, January 10, 2005

Spring 2005 Semester

Tomorrow officially marks the beginning of my Spring 2005 semester at FAU. The term lasts from today, January 10 through May 5, 2005.

Here is my tentative schedule:

No classes scheduled

U.S. Journalism (11:00-12:20)
Florida Politics & Government (7:10-10:00)

News Media Ethics (1:00-3:50)
Mass Communication Law (7:10-10:00)

U.S. Journalism (11:00-12:20)

Political Parties & Interest Groups (9:00-11:50)

I call this my tentative schedule, since it's all subject to change on a whim. I've signed up for 15 credit hours. Between now and tomorrow, I may even sign up for an 18th.

I'm pretty firm in sticking with U.S. Journalism and News Media Ethics. I like the professor very much and feel its in my best interest to keep these two courses. Additionally, they are required courses for my major. Then comes the Mass Communication Law course. The professor is a guy I've never heard of, named Chuck Suits. I love Susan Willey who teaches my other Comm courses. I'm not so sure about Mr. Suits. Even though it's part of my required courses, I'd drop it if it seemed like the teacher wasn't good.

I'm left with the two political science courses. I'm taking two courses with the intention of probably dropping one of them. Both of the subject matters seem interesting. I've always wanted to learn more about Florida politics. Political parties and interest groups are fascinating as well. The determining factor will be the projected difficulty of each course. If it looks like both are decent, I could conceivably take 15 credits. But I doubt it will come to that. I'll end up dropping one of the political science classes or Mass Comm Law.

From the looks of things, Wednesday could be a rough day. Two classes for 3 hours apiece. That totals six hours in class on Wednesdays. Fortunately, I have Monday off and maybe Friday (if I drop the political parties course). Once a week courses tend to overload you big time some days but provide for a day or two of relative freedom.

I have to make a late call to make on a course titled "Coverage of Public Affairs". I wouldn't have a hard time getting in, seeing that 18 of 24 spots are currently open. The idea of having to do two big research projects probably scared prospective students away. However, I like the teacher and would probably be guaranteed at least a B. I might add that for a total of 18 credits and drop one or two by the weekend.

I have high hopes for what likely will be my last semester at Florida Atlantic University. I'll elaborate more on my future plans as they develop. I should have a pretty firm grasp of that in a few days or weeks.



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