Sunday, January 09, 2005

Week 18: Picks Summary

Regular Season record:
Week 1: N/A
Week 2: 9-7
Week 3: 7-7
Week 4: 6-8
Week 5: 8-6
Week 6: 9-5
Week 7: 7-7
Week 8: 8-6
Week 9: 7-7
Week 10: 8-6
Week 11: 13-3
Week 12: 12-4
Week 13: 10-6
Week 14: 14-2
Week 15: 11-5
Week 16: 12-4
Week 17: 7-9

Total: 148 W, 92 L, 62 %

Playoff record:
Week 18 (Wild Card Round): 1-3

St. Louis 27, Seattle 20 L
New York Jets 20, San Diego 17 (OT) L
Indianapolis 49, Denver 24 W
Minnesota 31, Green Bay 17 L

Since it's the postseason, I'll offer up some brief comments on each game.

St. Louis over Seattle - If there was going to be an upset, I figured this would be the game. However, I didn't think the Rams could go on the road and play that well. St. Louis was aided by many dropped passes by Seattle receivers. Shaun Alexander, with a hurt wrist, wasn't himself. Much credit must be given to Marc Bulger. He found a way to exploit a young Seattle secondary. Seattle will certainly get better in the years to come, but it's questionable as to whether Coach Mike Holmgren will be around to see it.

New York Jets over San Diego - Fun game to watch, but I don't think either team deserved to win. Lets first look at the Chargers. In the first half, Marty Schottenheimer gets called for a 15 yard personal foul penalty. Then, San Diego gets called for a costly penalty for too many men on the field. This came after San Diego's defense had forced the Jets into a punt. Fortunately for the Chargers, they overcame this miscue and forced OT. In OT, San Diego's moving the ball and settles for a 40-yard FG. In two meaningless plays, Schottenheimer couldn't find a way to get the ball to the center. That way, Kaeding wouldn't have missed wide right on the FG attempt. Don't think I forgot about the Jets. Never in my years of watching football have I seen two coaches (Herm Edwards and the Jets offensive coordinator) get into a physical altercation on the sidelines. Were it not for a Jets player restraining Edwards, we might have seen a fight. The most laughable moment of the game came in the 4th Quarter when, for two consecutive plays, New York played with only ten defenders. San Diego, inept as they are, weren't able to take advantage. Finally, it looks like the Jets have the game won. Drew Brees has two defenders on him twenty yards from the goal line, no time left on the clock. For some reason, Jets LB Eric Barton feels the need to throw a left cross in the face of Brees. The personal foul extended the game, allowing Brees to throw a last-second TD pass to Antonio Gates. Whew! (Did I say that my comments would be brief? Sorry, this game has me perturbed). Now I know why I've been saying for months that Marty Schottenheimer is a terrible coach. Herm Edwards isn't much better. Thank God that the Pats or Steelers will crush the Jets next weekend.

Indianapolis over Denver - This was the game I came into the week most confident about. Denver never stood a chance to stop Indianapolis pass attack on the artificial turf in Indy. Following the disastrous playoff game last season, Shanahan and the Broncos tried to upgrade their defense to prevent another game like this. Unfortunately, the acquisition of Champ Bailey wasn't enough to slow down Manning, Wayne, Harrison, and Co. The Colts have to feel confident about going into Foxboro next week without having to face Pats CB Ty Law.

Minnesota over Green Bay - I figured this would be an easy GB win. All the signs pointed to another Packers triumph. However, Minnesota played a tremendous football game. Their defense played better than it had at any point this season. Brett Favre had a horrible game, throwing 4 INT's. He wasn't helped by the absence of Robert Ferguson and the early game injury to Javon Walker. One thing is for certain. The home field advantage at Lambeau isn't worth what it once was to the Pack.


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