Sunday, January 09, 2005

RIP Khephra

As some of you know, I used to moderate a political discussion board called Democratic Underground. Of the 60,000 + members, one of the most popular and beloved was Khephra.

We learned today that khephra's real name was Scott. He died at his home in Indiana at the age of 37.

I didn't know the man. Many on DU did know him personally and spent time together outside of the bulletin board venue. Never did I hear a bad word uttered about Khephra. Even the most ardent Kerry/Clark/DLC supporters had nothing but respect for Scott, who was a Dean supporter.

I can't say this comes as a shock, but it's saddening nevertheless. Looking at pictures of khephra, he was clearly overweight. Posting over 50,000 times on a message board cannot be conducive to physical activity. Still, Khephra was a man with tremendous talent when it came to words. He befriended noted DU'er William Pitt and was hired to work for the progressive website It was heartening to see these two remain friends during a time of unparalled contempt between Kerry and Dean supporters. For them, friendship transcended party politics.

Farewell, Khephra. I will always remember you as the kind and gentle man that you were. May you discover what you already knew to be true: God is not actually conservative (bitches!).



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