Friday, January 14, 2005

Second Day of Classes

I'm still working on finalizing my schedule for the term. I went to two more classes today, Mass Communication Law and News Media Ethics. More than anything, I'm concerned about UCF next year. I want to be 100 % sure I'm taking the proper classes this term. I'm feeling a little stressed this week trying to figure out what to do. UCF is where I want to go, but I don't want to hurt or prolong my academic career. All I need to find out is whether the Communication major is similar to the one offered at FAU. I hope to have it all figured out by the weekend.

Onto the two classes.

-Subject matter is moderately interesting.
-I like the instructor.
-Major portion of grade is participation based.
-Final term paper is required.
-Part of aggrivating Wednesday class schedule.

-At least it fulfills a requirement.
-The professor, Chuck Suits. He deserves an entire post for himself.
-Dry material. I can't imagine anything more dreadfully boring than this.
-Cumulative final. CUM exams are always annoying. I rather the semesters be split up.

I'm not sure which class I plan to drop, if any. US Journalism, while dry, is a requirement and the instructor is decent. Same thing for News Media Ethics. I'd rather take it with a familiar professor than someone I'm not familiar with.

That leaves Mass Comm Law, Florida Politics, and Political Parties & Interest groups in the fianl three. I think the FL Politics could be interesting. I might be the only one who really wants to learn more about state politics. I'm pretty certain I should keep that, placing me at 9 credits.

I'm left to decide between Mass Comm Law and Political Parties. I've yet to go to my Political Parties course, which is Friday at 9:00. It really depends on the teacher and what I see on the syllabus. I'm tempted to keep Mass Comm Law just so I can mock the professor. A complete report is coming, but among his classic lines were "The homosexual lifestyle is not compatible with combat situations". Unless I see something special out of my Political Parties class, I'll probably drop it. I might even leave in the middle of class Friday if I've decided to drop.

Sorry if this was an overly dry post. I want to comment at least once on the prospects of Spring Semester. I doubt there will be much interesting to post about the rest of this semester. Frankly, this stuff is very boring. Maybe this Chuck Suits guy will be good for some much needed amusement.


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