Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Back to school

After exactly two weeks of absence, I returned to FAU today. Classes were canceled on September 2, 7, and 9 because of Hurricane France(s). Haven't been back to PBCC yet for my English Lit course. Professor Peck was absent September 1 and 13. I'm under the impression that he'll be back in class tomorrow.

Luckily, the instructors extended all our deadlines. My Mass Comm Theory paper isn't due until next Tuesday. I have been alloted another 7 days to work on my media presentation.

We had some riveting discussion in our Political Science course. George Bennett, of the Palm Beach Post, spoke for an hour about political coverage. He tried to play his political leanings down the middle. I've never gotten the impression from his stories that he's either liberal or conservative. The only political statement he made was that he expected the CBS documents to be proven as forgeries.

I'll have to do a revision of my key dates for the semester tally. Everything has been moved back approximately one week.


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