Saturday, September 11, 2004

Damn you Noles, Damn you!

I don't have the time to write a full report, but I'd like to express my disappointment at last night's 16-10 victory by the Miami Hurricanes. Or should I say 16-10 loss by FSU.

I'm a fan of neither team. In fact, it is a great struggle for me to determine which one I hate more. Is it the unbridaled arrogance of Lord Bobby Bowden? Or the fairweather fans of UM?

Even when FSU led 10-0 going into the 4th Quarter, I knew the game was still very much in contnetion. When FSU's Cromartie picked off a pass with around 3:00 remaining, I knew Miami was still in it.

Why is that? This FSU team cannot beat Miami. They've showed it in their last six games, when FSU has come close but never actually won the game.

All of this was clear when Xavier Beitia has hit FG blocked by Devin Hester late in the 4th Period. The last-minute TD reception by Moss and OT score by Frank Gore was all a formality. This FSU squad is cursed when it comes to playing Miami.

All that said, last night's game was very exciting, even in the absence of much scoring. The first two big games of this week have lived up to advanced billing.


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