Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Brief postscript

Just now, I was able to publish this week's works. It took me a while to get solid Internet access. As of Wednesday night, my house has no electricity. I'm hoping for Thursday, but that's not entirely certain. FAU and PBCC have postponed classes through this week. All indications are that classes will resume as scheduled on Monday. I have no clue how they will makeup the days lost. Public schools are very strict about 180 school days a year. I do not think colleges have to adhere to that same code. Nevertheless, I have a ton of essays that were due this week. The professors should be fairly lenient in allowing for time extensions.

Tomorrow night I'll probably go down to my cousin's to watch the season opening NFL game between Indianapolis and New England. Already wrote about that in an earlier post. Friday night will hopefully be FSU @ UM.

In some other less thrilling news, I've decided to temporarily suspend shaving until the effects of Hurricane France(s) subside. I want to see how long I can go before I am either totally socially unacceptable or itching out of my mind. The plan is to shave sometime Monday night in preparation for my Journalism class on Tuesday. Frequent readers might understand why.

More updates later...


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