Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Big sports week ahead

I'll be honest. I tried to write about some more personal stuff this evening. I have the drafts of three such prepared entries. Eventually, I just got too upset and needed something lighter to write about. I was able to finalize one entry that could fall into the personal category. I really needed to write for a while about a less worrysome subject.

Thursday night marks the beginning of the NFL season. Sure, I've been to a few preseason games. But I couldn't bring myself to watch any on TV. I watched perhaps 10 minutes of televised preseason games. I contend that preseason games are nothing more than a scam perpetrated by the likes of Wayne Huizenga and Malcolm Glazer. $50 to watch some 4th string QB throw to an even less competent WR? You've got to be kidding me. Ownership firmly squeezes the balls of each and every season ticket victim (excuse me, I mean holder).

Michaels and Madden kick off the NFL season Thursday night when the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots take on 2004 AFC Finalist Indianapolis Colts. I love the way NFL has spread out opening weekend. Last year, the NFL decided to begin the season on Thursday night with one nationally televised contest. The 2003 matchup was mediocre, showcasing the Washington Redskins and New York J-E-T-S. This year, we'll see two of the AFC's premiere teams face off. Kickoff will begin at the regular ABC time of 9:00. ESPN has a two-hour preview show scheduled live from Foxboro at 7:00.

Adding to the festivities is Friday night's game at the Orange Bowl. Originally, the Miami/FSU game was scheduled for Labor Day and would be at halftime as I write this entry. Unfortunately, Hurricane France(s) forced the postponement. The teams will meet on Friday night, preserving its status as premiere game of the night. Tragedy hit the FSU family this weekend when longtime curmudgeon "Jester" Bobby Bowden lost his grandson and son-in-law in a car accident. They were among many traveling to Florida to help Hurricane victims. I have even more sad news to report. Mr. Bowden was not in the car at the time of the crash. Sorry to appear so negative about King Bobby. I've long contended that Bowden is nothing more than a figurehead. He's the football equivalent of Ronald Reagan. Bobby is a very likable guy who appeals to many football fans. But in reality, Bobby delegates all the authority to his underlings. The guy couldn't carry the jockstrap of the old ballcoach, former UF leader Steve Spurrier.

The University of Florida formally opens their season on Saturday night against Eastern Michigan. I say formally because it's hardly an athletic contest. There's no reason to expect E. Michigan to stay within 40 points of UF. The game will only be available to those who pay $30 to watch on PPV, or those like me who have elaborate plans to view at local restaurants. (See previous posts for how this ties in to a larger context) The first big Gators game is in two weeks when they play the University of Tennessee Volunteers.

The weekend wraps up on Sunday when the Miami Dolphins open their season versus the Tennessee Titans. I'm holding out optimism that we have a miracle and emerge victorious on Sunday. The problem is that, as of Monday evening, we still don't know the coach. Many players have been preocupied with the remnants of Hurricane France(s). We aren't facing the Detroit Lions or Houston Texans, whom we faced in the last two home openers. The Tennessee Titans are a well-oiled machine that will be ready to come out strong Sunday afternoon. The preseason has been troublesome for many fans to watch. The offense is horrible and the defense shows signs of weakness. Lets hope that with everybody back and at full-strength, Miami will put on an impressive display of defensive whoop-ass. Even if Miami does defeat Tennessee, my bet is that offense (if we can even call it that) will bring fans to boos by the 2nd Quarter.

Besides that, there are other entertaining games this weekend. The Monday Night game features Green Bay versus defending NFC Champion Carolina Panthers. The high-powered Kansas City offense squares off with the new-and-improved Denver Broncos secondary on ESPN's Sunday Night Football. I think there's even a NASCAR race in Richmond on Saturday night. Check for baseball games of interest.

Now I feel a little better. I've taken my mind off more troublesome and frankly more important matters. In further compliance with that spirit, I'm off to watch a re-run of "Good Times". God bless Jimmie Walker, Texas Cracksmoker! ((Is JW even from Texas? Maybe one of my crack (no pun intended) researchers can pass on that info.))


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