Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My ride got a flat

Somewhere between Heights Blvd. and Heather Street, my Mitsibishi got a flat right-rear tire today. I'm sure the culprit was debris left over from Hurricane France(s). For the rest of tonight, it's sitting off the road on Heights Blvd.

My friend Larry was kind enough to take me to my Mom's car at Jupiter Hospital. It would have really sucked to have been stranded without a ride.

AAA will come tomorrow morning and tow it to Tire Kingdom. The spare tire I had was unsafe to drive with, even for only a few miles. Gary thinks it'll cost $25 to plug the tire at Tire Kingdom.

Overall, it was a low pain experience. The inconvenience was very minimal. I had another car to drive right away. It should be all fixed by tomorrow morning or early afternoon, at the latest.


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