Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Stork Campaign Status Uncertain

Congressional Candidate Jim Stork (D-22) Posted by Hello

See: Candidate of the Day (7/14/04) http://taylorsias.blogspot.com/2004/07/candidate-of-day-jim-stork.html#comments

In a wildly irresponsible journalistic move, I am projecting that we will learn that Jim Stork has dropped out of his race for the 22nd Congressional District of Florida. The seat is currently occupied by Republican E. Clay Shaw. Mr. Bennett commented that he was working on a story about a Congressional candidate. He also noted that he expects the candidate may drop out of the race.

I'm assuming that he'd be covering a somewhat local candidate. His insinuation was that it was a candidate and not an incumbent. That leaves only a few options. Jeff Fisher's running in the 16th against incumbent Mark Foley. While Fisher doesn't have a prayer of winning, I doubt he'll drop out. Fisher and Stork are the only two major challengers running in Palm Beach County. Alcee Hastings won re-election on August 31 against Keith Clayborne. The only other person it could remotely be would be Debbie Wasserman Schulz, running in the 20th for Peter Deutsch's vacant seat. Considering the Democratic leanings of that district, she should win easily.

I'll lay any amount of money down on the fact that it's Stork. Recently, he had to abandon campaigning due to an illness. Stork is homosexual, leading to questions about his HIV status. The campaign denies that the former Wilton Manors mayor is HIV +.

This is a rather disappointing revelation, if true. Stork had raised a considerable amount of money from grassroots supporters, Democracy For America (Dean's group) and dailykos.com. I'm not aware if the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has put any resources into the race.

I'll do a little side work to see if my suspicions are correct. If I had the time, I would have asked Mr. Bennett myself. Doubt it would have been effective, though. He wouldn't want to leak this story to any old Poly Sci student.


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